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Steam & Sin

(Uriel Dominant)

Don't know where they come from.  Don't know where they go to.

Their sins burn on their flesh.  Need to be cleansed, need to be reborn into the fiery light.  Won't get close, though.  Too soon.  Don't know enough yet. 

One of them.  Call him captain.  He's an odd one.  Sins the color of oil and tarnished metal.  Looks soft.  Know he's not.  He's hard.  Willing to go the distance.  Willing to make the necessary sacrifices.  The others don't see it in him.  He's good at hiding it. 

Could learn to like him.  If he repented from his idolatry. 

The others...sinful wretches.  Drenched in their own individualized flavors of wickedness.  A living myth, sin of arrogance.  A savage murderess, sin of overindulgence.  A princess of the damned, sin of desire.  Each of them horrid, each of them monsters.  None beyond the redemption of holy flame. 

Could save them.  Could burn them.  Won't.  Yet. 

Know they have a vessel.  Have to.  How else do they travel?  Know vessel is steeped in the scent of their crimes.  Can smell it.  Should be able to track it.  Should be able to find it.

Can't.  Don't know why not. 

Don't like it.  Don't like it at all.

Know they're important.  Have to make contact.  Eventually.  Don't know why for sure, just know it's important. 

But won't make contact.  Not yet.  Need to know more.

Where is their ship?