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A Messenger's Duty

(Gabriel Dominant)

I burn in my soul, for I have not yet delivered the message. 

The recipient of the message long evaded me, for I was unsure of which soul amongst them it was.  I could feel the grace of destiny weighing heavily upon their shoulders, but I knew not which one was destined for my words.  It could have been any, for each is in need of guidance from a divine source. 

Lo, I did suffer from the torment of leaving my duty unfulfilled.  The message must be delivered; it cares not if I, its mere communicator, have difficulty in doing so.  It must be delivered, and it tears at my being until it is. 

I lament, for I still lack the knowledge of the recipient's true identity!  I have observed them, but have learned nothing!  I have prayed for guidance from the divine forces that bestowed upon my body these glyphs of power and purpose, but they have seen fit to let me find my own path. 

I must calm myself.  I am becoming overwhelmed by the holy flame of the message stored within me, and I will lose myself in its brilliant depths if I do not find my balance.  I am the Messenger.  I was chosen for this duty, and I will fulfill it.  This is my role; this is my bond.  I am the Messenger.

Observing them has taught me nothing.  I do not even know how to consistently find them; they vanish for long stretches of time, and are nowhere to be found.  Even when they are in my sight, I only know that amongst them is the one to whom I must deliver my truths.  None of them stands out more than the others. 

Perhaps...Perhaps that is the answer.  Perhaps my message is not intended for one, but for all. 

Yes...Yes, this feels true to me.  I believe that this may very well be the nature of my message.  It is for each of them to hear.

Or...perhaps, just as they are each a part of some larger destiny, they each deserve a part of the grander message.

Though this is my first time as a true Messenger, I know that I shall not fail.  The message will reach those whom it is meant for, and they shall be enlightened by my words.  I am the Messenger, and I do not fail.

I am coming to you, travelers.  Prepare to bear witness.