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We've been watching them.

They don't know it but we've been watching them.

They jump through time, over and over and over again. I know it, I can read it on them. They're as dissociated from the rest of mankind as I am.

Gabriel thinks we need to go to them. He thinks we need to talk to them. He says he has a message for them. But Gabriel thinks we should talk to everybody. He thinks everybody could profit from our messages.

My messages. Not our messages. My messages. I am one person. I am an I. Even if I don't really know who I am.

Michael wants to watch them for a time longer, and Raphael thinks that they're all such broken individuals, far beyond help. Lost causes, Raphael says. Give them up. And of course, Uriel sees only sin.

I do not know which of them I am right now. Maybe I'm not any of them, at least for the moment. That is unfortunate. Knowing which of them I was would tell me what I should do.

But I do not know. So I shall wait. And watch.

And who knows? Maybe they watch back.